Play Zones


Check out our supermarket, where little ones shop shelves of mini produce with our miniature trolleys & shopping baskets.  Don’t forget your shopping list! Play guides are provided to encourage stimulating, learning play in our market.  Shop assistant dressing up completes make believe play, scanning goods through our check out & till, stocked with play bank notes & credit cards.  Pack your weekly shop into our ever-so-cute KiddiCity shopping bags when you’re finished.


Visit our café bistro, its self-seating here at Bella Bistro. Enjoy a table for two, with life like food, menus and table settings.  If you’d prefer to work at Bella Bistro, you will find our play kitchen fully equipped for gastro creations, or waiter service with our tea trolley stocked with pretend cakes & treats.  Interactive menus, food orders, recipe cards and play guides compliment play, providing learning about food groups, healthy eating and food science.  A very positive play area for all children, especially budding cooks and picky eaters.


Is there a doctor in the house?  Of course there is!  In our medical centre seated waiting room you can put on our arm cast and bandages whilst taking your blood pressure and measuring your temperature with our little medic set.  Take an eye test, see the doctor, or give your Adult a check up.   Dressing up completes the scene and there is lots to choose from.  Promoting health, safety & First Aid, familiarising medical care. 


Join us at Gello! Ice Cream Parlour for a big treat.  Our unique set provides realism that little ones really engage with.  Aprons for serving customers from behind our ice cream counter, complete with display case, interactive payment terminal and lots of wooden ice cream props.  Put sprinkles on, make a milkshake, take a menu and place your sundae order.  With kiddie sized table & customer seating and so many props to play with, your little one will love Gello!


Behind our plush velvet red curtains is a performance space that will delight you.   Dressing up galore, imaginations can run wild at the theatre.  The bright lights, camera action as performances take place.  Full length mirror for little performers, get ready backstage in the Dressing Room before you look out across the theatre crowd.   You can be anybody you want to be at KiddiCity Theatre!  Promotes confidence, self-expression, sharing, communication, dressing skills, understanding of live performance. 


Be our guest at Faymous Beauty Salon, do your hair & makeup and enjoy a little pamper time as you relax in our stylish Californian beauty shop.  From mini hair tools, nail bar, wooden makeup sets, brushes, wigs, mirrors & products, the salon has everything for the smart creative tot.   Daddies, Mummies and adult carers can take part in our Faymous make overs, as your little ones happily play at being imaginative beauty consultants. 


Welcome to Kiddi City Farm, come on in!  The farmer needs your help to look after all of the animals who live here at the farm.  We have piglets, sheep, ducks, chickens, a fox and her cub, guinea pigs and rabbits to feed.  Luckily, we grow our own fruit and veggies here at the farm allotment, we’d appreciate your help in planting & picking those ready for the farmer’s market.  You can ride the farm tractor to help round up the animals and transport the hay. If you prefer four legs, to four wheels you can take Eddie, our ride on horse for a trot around KiddiCity.


The Surf is up at our KiddiCity beach, bring your sunglasses and join us at the Tiki Hut for mocktails, sun, sea and a holiday!   Luau in style with our beach accessories, imagine you are in Hawaii or St Tropez.  Enjoy a spot of fishing, a picnic from our stocked picnic basket or just relax in the sunshine on a deck chair enjoying the company of our beach resident macaw, Captain Blue.  Beware the KiddiCity pirate crew who might join you for a sandy sandwich!


An oasis on the green, our park is full of wildlife, butterflies & birds and just the place to enjoy a lovely outdoor barbeque or walk our pups on leads on the grass.  You can sit at our mini picnic bench set, enjoy a takeaway drink or ice cream from any of our KiddiCity play eateries and feed our cheeky park squirrel, Nutley who can be found playing under our realistic trees. 

Royal Mail Post Service

Play with our post box, post worker dressing up, post satchel & unique KiddiCity post van.  There are letters and parcels to deliver, you can empty our post box & drive our little post van to other KiddiCity addresses to deliver the post on time!

City Roadway

You are on the highway, heading into KiddiCity, beep beep! Take care on the road on your way to the city, have fun driving our super range of little vehicles around the ring road.  Watch out for the traffic signals & signs and park in our little Park & Ride bays around the venue.