Hi! Welcome to KiddiCity, a fully mobile role play experience for children aged 1 to 7 years, their parents & carers.  We invite you to join one of our many regular sessions in your local area, with 11 uniquely built play zones offering little players imaginative, submersive play in our miniature city.

Complete with matching costumes, vehicles, props, and toys, each of our play pods has been designed by KiddiCity to offer our little visitors tonnes of opportunities to explore the ‘adult world’ within our city made to measure just for them!

We can be found in community venues, church halls, schools, outdoor spaces and sports venues across East Sussex.

KiddiCity Focus

Offering Play Sessions that are fully inclusive to all & appealing to all participants.


•  Providing a fun, stimulating & creative environment within our sessions that is engaging to our little players.

•  Supporting little creative minds & imaginations in investigative, expansive play.

•  Providing & maintaining a safe, happy & productive environment for all participants.

•  Inspiring play ideas and creativity.

•  Supporting self-esteem, problem solving and communication through play.


Anna, inspired by her children, set up a play centre with a difference.

The new mini role-play experience for young children is the brainchild of Anna Anderson from Meads. With three children, she spotted a gap in the local market for imaginative play experiences, rather than the traditional soft play offering.

Former nanny and entrepreneur, Anna said: “The ‘mini city’ concept is not an entirely new one. A large one opened in London in 2015 but what makes us very different is our Centre and pop-up ability. We aim to travel to venues across Eastbourne as well as nursery schools, festivals and events.”

The scaled down version of a typical town, provides role-play adventure and imaginative play sessions for children aged up to 7 years old.  KiddiCity, run by kids, comprises 11 play zones, each was designed in Eastbourne and made in East Sussex.  These include an Diner, Fire Station, Supermarket, Park equipped for picnics and barbeques, a Construction Site, Medi-Centre, and a Garage.

Role play is credited with helping small children develop communication and problem-solving skills – many of whom will have missed out on imaginative play opportunities with peers over the pandemic. By encouraging children to develop their own storylines, we empower them and help build their confidence.”